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     Yesterday I had a strange dream, when I woke up I shared it with my family. Now I decided to share it here on deviantart with you guys.

     In my dream, me and my family went on vacation somewhere to the middle sea. It was either Spain or Italy, I do not remember.
I remember that we went to a small tourist village near the sea. The people that lived there, earned money thanks to tourism but some of them were fishers.
     The next scene takes place in a out door restaurant. We have ordered food and are just waiting and talking, when a fisher walks by and complains about the lack of fish and the bad weather to his bold and slightly fat partner. They go towards the beach to prepare the boat.
     When I looked at the sea from my table, I saw that a very bad weather was coming from the right side, from behind a mountain. The clouds were grey and black but there was no rain or lightning. Then I saw a giant flock of seagulls following and somewhat leading the clouds. The fisher from before started screaming: "Fish! Fish! Finally!" He ran to his bold fat partner who was already inside the boat and started yelling at him. The fisher could not finish his sentence, because fish started falling from the sky. Fish fell everywhere. We were under a giant umbrella outside of the restaurant so the fish did not hit us. The fishers boat was full of fish tan fell from the sky. Even though his boat was full he pushed it into the sea, towards the seagulls and bad weather to fish.
     Then I somehow find myself far away in the ocean, swimming right under the blue sky that is about to be devoured by the black clouds and seagulls. I don't know how I changed the scene from the restaurant table to the middle of the sea. But when I looked in the opposite direction of the beach I saw a giant mountain in front of me. It was the size of mount Everest, no, it was 1/3 the distance from earth to the moon. It was alive.
     The giant mountain "thing" disappeared and I started to feel fear that I may not be able to see it ever again, so I started yelling out strange words: "Poseidon", "Neptune", the third word I do not remember and then I screamed out loud "Leviathan!" and found myself underwater. I was underwater but breathing was not an issue. The giant whale-alike thing was right in front of me. The giant mountain from before was only one of its fins.
     It looked like a mix between a albino whale and a narwhal but without a horn. It realized I was there but did not fear me or become aggressive. The Leviathan opened his mouth and swallowed whole oceans. I was unharmed. Then somewhere on the back of the Leviathan, blood came out. It was from a hole on his backside. It was not his a-hole, I do not know where whales have their holes and genitalia, so it was not it. It was more like a hole from which whales sprout water but way back on his backside.
     Then a narrator voice in my head told me to check if the blood was red or blue, I checked and it was red. The narrator was happy to hear it, he said it was completely normal. If the blood would have been blue, the Leviathan would have burned itself to death. Red blood was a good sign. Then Leviathan acted strange and moved back and forth like a seesaw. Then it sprouted water from the hole, from which blood came out earlier and launched itself into the sky like a rocket. When I was back on the surface, the weather was calm, the seagulls and the fish rain were over. The Leviathan left a huge water-steam-bubble tornado in its wake. The narrator voice told me that young Leviathans live in the ocean before growing up and migrating into the sky. I did not understand, where did the Leviathan go? Into the sky, space?

     I could not stop myself from thinking about this dream and the hidden meaning, if there was one. This was a very strange dream, I will never forget the greatness of this being.


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